Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finally a New Post

Yes, I am finally writing something new here. I forget how easy blogging can be when I stop doing it. I just need to make myself write more often. So a quick run down of some of the things happening in our family.

Brad is happy to be going back to school. Summer was almost too busy for him but his highlight had to be building a deck on the back of our house and then finishing the backyard. It is a beautiful yard and I love being able to sit out there and read a good book.

I am busy trying to get everyone ready for school to start. I also think we have played too much this summer and now I am the one with all the little things to do. My highlight for the summer had to be helping to plan and organize the Talbert reunion that we had. It was a major success. Everyone had fun, there was space for sleeping and plenty of food. We played until we were exhausted and after the week was over I was completely worn out.

Kent is busy being a missionary and you can read about him on his blog. See sidebar for link.

Laura is looking forward to the end of August but not because of school. In April Laura was in an auto accident (someone else was driving the car and rolled it). Anyway, it took until the end of July to find out that her collar bone was broken and so she has been wearing a sling and brace on her left arm for the past 3 weeks. It does seem to be healing and she is looking forward to seeing the doctor and hopefully getting rid of the sling before September comes.

Joseph has many things that have made this summer great - some of these are having Brian spend a total of 3 and a half weeks in Utah, hiking to the Y, getting some driving time, and going to his first stake dance. However, the true highlight has to be that he is growing - he has grown two inches since April and looks forward to one day being taller than the deacons.

Heather's great accomplishment this summer was spending a week at her cousins' in Vernal. After a week with eight other girls, Heather came home and has been doing her hair every day since. I have tried to accomplish this for years and it only took them one week!

Nathaniel's summer has been busy and good and not a lot stands out for him. However, he did help plant corn in our garden and then has been so excited to watch it grow. I think waiting for the corn to be ready has been the hardest part. However, his patience is paying off and we will have corn on the cob tomorrow night and since his braces came off in May it will taste even better!

I think that is about it for now. I promise not to wait so long before I write again.


Donette said...

Wendy, is your new beautiful yard so wonderful you would enjoy sitting out there reading a not good book?