Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Elder Talbert

Kent is amazing. Every letter we get from him is filled with such enthusiasm for his mission. No matter what the challenge he loves what he is doing. I love how he is learning to adjust to life in a different culture. I love that he is trying new food. I love that he is learning to love people who's life is so different from his own. I love that he is willing to give up the technology that he loves in order to do what Heavenly Father wants him to do. I love that even in Jamaica he is true to who he is, whether it be budgeting, writing instructions for future missionaries, making jokes about life and bugs, still playing with his rubiks cube, or following the rules he is given. I also love having a missionary and the spirit that this brings into my house. My other children are so much more focused on preparing for their own missions and on missionary work. They are also much more interested in learning the gospel. What a great example Kent is!