Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Elder Talbert

Kent is amazing. Every letter we get from him is filled with such enthusiasm for his mission. No matter what the challenge he loves what he is doing. I love how he is learning to adjust to life in a different culture. I love that he is trying new food. I love that he is learning to love people who's life is so different from his own. I love that he is willing to give up the technology that he loves in order to do what Heavenly Father wants him to do. I love that even in Jamaica he is true to who he is, whether it be budgeting, writing instructions for future missionaries, making jokes about life and bugs, still playing with his rubiks cube, or following the rules he is given. I also love having a missionary and the spirit that this brings into my house. My other children are so much more focused on preparing for their own missions and on missionary work. They are also much more interested in learning the gospel. What a great example Kent is! 

All about Me

I am writing about the different members of my family and I thought I should include myself. I love my job. It is so good to be making a difference in the lives of those who are the future of this world. I also love that I have finally gotten a routine down and am able to get the house clean on a regular basis and get the errands done that just have to be done. I love my calling with the Young Women. I am always amazed at how the Spirit guides me in this calling. The girls will plan an activity and before I know it I am getting promptings on how to make the activities not only fun but something that they can learn and grow from. I also love Facebook because I love being able to chat with my sisters and to be friends with the young women and my children and to see what they are up to and to share in the cyberworld that they live in so much of the time. What more can I say except for life is good and I am richly blessed.

The Love of My Life - Brad

Brad is the perfect match for me. I have really been enjoying my time with him lately. I think this is because we have been doing more active things instead of just sitting around the house. I have especially enjoyed playing racquetball with him. It feels great to get exercise and to have the one on one time with Brad. I am still not sure I enjoy getting up at 5:00 in the morning to play but maybe I will get used to it eventually. I also love that Brad is so capable of doing the things around the house that need to be fixed. This week he has helped with the yard and fixed Laura's car and the faucets in our tubs. He is also making plans to build a deck on the back of our house and to rebuild the fence on the south side of our yard. Along with all of this he is so hard working - he is always doing something extra at school. He is also getting ready to go to a conference in California where he will be presenting and then he will be going to Missouri to help write and evaluate questions for a company that creates materials for students and teachers. Most of all I love the extra gospel insight that he has. I have especially noticed this since Kent left for a mission. Brad's letters to Kent always contain good gospel insight for Kent. I wish I could be more like that.