Friday, February 27, 2009

A few random thoughts from Brad

So I just thought I'd toss my two cents' worth in here. We got word from Kent's mission 'mom' that he and his companion arrived in Jamaica safe and sound. They need work permits before they can start working and the government was shut down for Ash Wednesday, so their fist day was spent hanging around the mission home. I assume that he got his papers on Thursday and got to work.

Things always seem busy at our house. Just when I think that some event will happen (i.e. Kent finally leaves for his mission) and then stuff will calm down, it fails to really happen that way (Kent left, but things didn't calm down). We have begun playing racquetball twice a week, but that's just something new to fit into the schedule. Oh well, its tons of fun so I guess we'll just have to keep it up.

I've got two student teachers, I share with the other Physics teacher to give the student teacher's the best possible experience. Paradoxically, I am busier than ever. I still teach three of my sections and I have to supervise, mentor, and critique theses two really good students.

Wendy talked about the things that make her happy. I try hard to keep the house put together and the electricity working and the plumbing to not leak etc, etc. I love projects. When I don't have one I generally invent one. Sometimes to invent a project I take stuff apart that I probably shouldn't. Wendy just rolls her eyes and walks away. It's best that way.

I know what makes me happy - Life. I just enjoy stuff and people. Some things make me complain, I'm even happy when I complain about them. But generally, I just enjoy the ride. I like to follow roads just to see where they lead.

Well, I'm just rambling without purpose so I'll wrap up. I've got a great family.


jashak said...

You and Wendy play raquetball? Hey i know its been 6 years! but thanks for the food storage you guys gave us for our wedding. We have put it to good use!